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B-PMR Mission in Beijing and Chongqing, China, 2016

On January 18, 2016, this workshop and dialogue, organised by the World Bank’s PMR, CECEP and IETA’s B-­PMR, brought together the NDRC, SASAC, international companies and China’s leading state owned enterprises (SOEs) to  discuss  best  practices  for  industry  engagement  and  readiness  on  emissions  trading.  A  one-­day  bilateral exchange was held with China’s leading companies and national ETS experts to share experiences  and  lessons  from  participating  in  the  EU  ETS,  California’s  carbon  market,  and  the  Kyoto  Protocol flexibility mechanisms. The workshop engaged Chinese SOEs to prepare for China’s national  carbon  market,  by  having  both  a  high­‐level  and  technical  discussion  emissions  trading  best  practices. The World Bank Group will also provided guidance and will participated in the training.

Below please find photos and presentations.

Main points of the mission:

  • Industry readiness: Improve the understanding and knowledge of Chinese industry on the role and function of emissions trading systems.

  • Knowledge transfer: Enhance the ability and skills of Chinese industry to participate in the China's ETS. 

  • Trading simulation: Apply real world trading skills in an emissions trading simulation game. 

  • Policy preparation: Assist the competent authorities in China to engage SOE’s in a technical stakeholder consultation on emissions trading.


View the mission agenda.





1. Roundtable of business leaders

2. Key success factors for ETS participation

3. Allowance management strategies from the experts

4. Break out Groups

6. Private sector perspectives on various trading strategies

7. International expert discussion on offsets, the CDM, and CCERs

8. Carbon leakage and competitiveness issues


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